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Hi! I am needing advice on some online fax software for small businesses. I would like to know what features to consider and are necessary when selecting a service as well as a service the provides the best service ti send faxes to your mobile phone. Thanks in advance!

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Hello, for a good online fax service, you should take into considerations some of the following factors: reliability, security, price, options provided, sending options (by web interface, by email, by mobile phone, etc.), customer support and other. I think you should first understand and define your basic faxing needs, and based on this start searching an online fax service.

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See this PC Mag article, it should help you find the right one.

The Best Internet Fax Services (Electronic Faxing),2817,2385681,00.asp

"Faxing, despite the conveniences of modern communications technology, still remains a vital element of the business experience. Still, the cost of a fax machine, ink, and paper can add up over time-but it doesn't have to be that way. Electronic faxing, or e-faxing, is a service provided by a number of companies that will let you send and receive faxes via email or Web interface.

Editors' Choice winner eFax (4 stars) not only offers a very competent electronic faxing service, but it also lets users add their John Hancock using digital signatures, email large files to others using a link (to prevent bounce backs), store files indefinitely at no extra charge, and more. It's truly the best-rounded electronic faxing service we've found. MyFax (3.5 stars) doesn't match that feature set, but it lets users receive incoming faxes to five email accounts and acquire code to embed a "Fax Me" button into a Web site. Send2Fax (3 stars) is the most basic service, offering just the basic electronic faxing functionality.

If you're looking to save a few chips, check out the reviews of the electronic faxing services below and determine which of them is best suited for your needs. "

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Hi Brittney,

The most important features for most people in internet fax are the price per month and number of faxes provided. Most companies provide a set amount of faxes a month and then charge an overage rate of $.05 to $.10 per fax if you go over that amount. In the past I've used to look at different services based on features.

Hope that helps!

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We utilize online faxing services for our small business in the e-commerce space as well. When selecting a provider, we considered price, ease of use, customer support and robust and REStful API. We explored a number of companies and found that has a pay-as-you-go service which is amazing because there were months when we only faxed less than 20 times. Also, their customer support system was a great experience because we spoke with someone from Texas, and not an outsourced group. The best thing was their systems - we were able to plugin their internet faxing solution to all of our devices - allowing us to send/receive faxes wherever we are. Would definitely recommend checking out Internet Faxing

Josh Ebsworth
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Hey BrittneyLee,


It really depends what you're after. The cheapest plan around is probably going to be SRFax's Ultra-Lite Plan. But if you're sending high volumes of fax, I'd recommend Ring Central. Have a look at FindaFax. You can compare online fax services to find out which plan will work best for you.






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Online fax is great – it’s inherently secure so you can send sensitive information, which you shouldn’t with email. Services like Sfax are HIPAA-compliant, which adds extra layers of protection.

Sfax have also released an app for andriod and iOS

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I forgot to mention, if you need more info about Sfax apps, check out their blogpost for iOS - and andriod -

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