What happens to BlackBerry now that takeover falls through and CEO Thorsten Heins is forced out?


What’s next for good old BlackBerry now that the Fairfax Financial acquisition isn’t going to happen?

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Who knows...they have a miniscule and falling market share. The most recent versions of their products have failed to attract attention, even though they boast decent hardware and software, and they have nothing on the horizon to change the direction of this sinking ship. Thorsten Heins being forced out probably won’t have a significant impact for better or worse. 


Also, while Fairfax’s acquisition bid failed, they did throw BlackBerry a lifeline in the form of a $1 Billion loan. This will give BlackBerry some time to try to do…..something. The company does have excellent name recognition, and I guess it is possible that under new management an epiphany could occur that changes the company’s trajectory from one on the decline. 

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They were doomed the day Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone.

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