Confused on where to go with my IT Career???



I was in the Army for 9 years and got a degree in Computer Science Information Technology. Got out about a year ago. I want to start my IT career but not sure what route to take yet. Also, not sure what I like the most.

So, I really need a mentor to help me to start my career!!!
I might want to get into Database but not really sure I just see a lot of jobs out there that deal with Database.

In the long run I want to go where the money will be but also happy with my job.

Big question is what Certification could I take now that I can pick which way I would like to go once I know what I want and like?

Thank you all!!

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JD Edwards


& SAP can be helpful certifications 



Sandeep Seeram



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Thanks for the question. I've asked Eric Bloom, our career expert/blogger to chime in ... and I'll Tweet to our @ITworld community for their input.

Good luck!

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Hi Jo,

You might want to take a peek at Simply Hired and some of the other jobs sites first. Find out what they are hiring for, and then ask yourself if it interests you. If it does then you have a place to start in terms of certifications. If it doesn't then you can avoid spending time and money getting a cert for something you don't want to do anyway.

Good luck, hope it works out well for you.

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Database can be a great career to get in to. It can be high paying, but probably more important is to find something that you'll enjoy. You can browse job sites and see what kind of jobs are being offered.


Most areas of study have other related areas that you'll get exposure to once you get a job - which means you're not locked in to one role when you get a job. So, sometimes the best way to find out what part of a job you like is to get a job and judge from there.

Hope this helps!

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Good post on Computerworld about Hot jobs, and why location matters.

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