Do you prepare your social media sites before interviews?


A friend of mine who has been interviewing for new positions told me he preps his facebook page for a couple of weeks in anticipation of it being reviewed. He posts career relevant links, makes thoughtful and insightful comments (at least he hopes they are), post images of himself looking professional (again, at least he hopes so), erases things that aren't. In other words, he creates what is pretty much a plastic persona to fit what he thinks they are looking for. I'm actually impressed by his foresight, considering the fact that we live in an area where it is not unheard of for employers to ask for social media passwords. I'm not interviewing, and frankly, I'm too boring to go to the trouble to sanitize my facebook anyway. Is this a sanitizing a common practice, now? Is it really to the point where this has become necessary?

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When I was looking for a job recently, I prepared my Facebook account by deleting my profile.  I'm pretty young still and have a lot of friends in their 20s, which means some posts that are really not for public consumption.  This was about the same time that I started hearing about employers asking for passwords, and I wasn't about to hand that over, so to avoid the issue I just made it disappear.  I started another Facebook page under the name of one of my favorite characters in Aldous Huxley's Chrome Yellow so I could interact with my friends without concern about a potential employer reading all the details of my private life.  That's probably a violation of Facebook's terms, which I would care about more if they had greater respect for user privacy.  Oh, and as far as I'm concerned in interviews or conversations with employers, I don't have a Facebook page anymore.  

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No, I am what I am. If they don't like it then they ought not to hire me. And what about the employer's social media pages? I'd sure as heck be checking those out, along with reviews of the employer at Glass Door and other sites.

Interviewing is a two way street. If the company looks bad, I'd avoid working for them.

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