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Hello everyone,I completed post graduation from Middlesex university,London in jan,2011. I was able to get an internship as an 'Application Developer (dotnet) ' in sep-2011. However, internship only lasted for three months. Again, I found another work as SEO optimiser that also lasted for six months only. Unfortunately, since then I have been having family issues as my father died back in June-2010 and have been sick. I tried a lot to get back on track and to find work again but never found one. I was working in retail shops only to manage day to day expenses, my family dues and expenses. I was on heavy medicines dosages till dec-2013. Now, I have recovered almost from my illness and have been able to sort out family problems. I want to kick start my career in IT again. I want to know whether 'Web' or 'Windows' which the best option in IT. I am looking for help and honest advice from you guys.Many Thanks in Advance

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The first thing I will say is that people online, even if we have the best intentions, don’t really know your talents, challenges, likes and dislikes. What to do with your life is one of the most personal and difficult decisions that most of us face, and most of the time we just generally try to guide our fate and it takes unexpected turns along the way. I’m not sure what your degree is in (or to be honest how higher education works in England beyond what I’ve seen in the 7 Up series), but think of how you can leverage that to your advantage.

I’m not going to pretend to know what field you should concentrate on. However, my standard advice for anyone is to honestly assess yourself, and determine what you like to do and what you would be better at. If you start doing something that you don’t like simply because it sounds like the better option, you will never be happy doing it. Think about what you are good at and enjoy, and concentrate on that. If you are good at it, the odds are in your favor that you can succeed at it. Of course, there are no guarantees in life, and you might not.

Good luck. Life can be a challenge sometimes, as you have seen. Just keep picking yourself up and trying your best, and it will get better.

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You might want to spend some time looking at job sites like and Simply Hired. See what kind of jobs in IT companies are currently looking for, and that will give you an idea of real-world job market conditions. From there you can decide which direction to go in based on your own experience and talents.

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First of all, let me know where are you from?

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