Is it worthwhile to include online education on your resume?


I've done a few online courses for work, mostly through Some of them were actually pretty good. I was wondering though, should I include online learning on my resume? If you saw a resume with online education listed, would that be worth anything when it comes to hiring? Should I include it or leave it off?

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Sure, why not? If I were hiring somebody, I'd be interested in seeing what things they'd studied regardless of whether it was done offline or online. It's 2012 and online learning has come a long, long way.

So I'd definitely add it.

Christopher Nerney
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As someone who has done a lot of hiring over the years, I'd say it probably wouldn't really matter either way, unless the courses were directly relevant to the job you were seeking. There also might be a small chance that a person with a skeptical view of online courses might be slightly dismissive of an applicant touting them on his resume. Maybe an HR type will weigh in with a more definitive answer, but to me it's a fairly subjective call.

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I think it would depend on the depth of experience on your resume.  I mean, if you have experience as a CIO and a ton of articles published in journals, then it wouldn't be necessary.  On the other hand, if you are fresh out college, have only worked for a single company, then I would think it would be a positive thing to show that you are engaged in the field, and trying to expand your knowledge base.  The only downside I can think of was already mentioned by Christopher Nerney; you could run into someone who is somewhat dismissive of online education.  I doubt even in that case that it would cause you any difficulty. 

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