Which programming language would be best for me to learn?


HI All,
I work as product associate for contarct intelligence software company, Below mentioned are my skills, Can some one advise which language would be good for me to learn,
> I create usability documents
> Fair Idea about SQL
>Fair Idea about C
> Configuration management
> Creating impact and change request documents.
> Training clients on new releases

Please Advise


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You might want to browse job sites like Simply Hired. See what languages employers are looking for, then you'll have a baseline you can use to figure out your next move. The ones that are in high demand should probably be at the top of your list.

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I suggest you talk to your employer, assuming that you would like to continue and progress there, and ask what would be of most use to them. Or just look around and see what is being used most heavily. In general, and I am biased towards mobile app development so this may well not be appropriate for you, I would say Java and C++.  C# if you are in a Windows universe. Really, it comes down to (1) what you want to do, and (2) what the people who pay you want you to do. For example, if you have zero interest in application development, then your time would probably be better spent on something other than Java. Good luck! 

Sanjeev ECE
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Java would be a good choice for you. It has syntax similar to C, which will give you a good head start. Java has many running platform these days like webservices, spring, struts, Hibernate, servlets, JSP etc Even android needs java knowledge..There are many online free java tutorials which will give you a good knowledge of core and advance java, but to know other advance java platforms you will have to take paid trainings.. you can go to sites like WIZIQ.com for such training...

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