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The two years of constant PC sales declines are really starting to take their toll, but just as it looks hopeless, you get a sliver of optimistic light.
Chip manufacturing giant TSMC got a crush of orders for PC and smartphone chipsets, which means OEMs are expecting some big happenings later this year.
Having some fun at the expense of this week’s top tech newsmakers, this week featuring astronauts having a quick rendezvous, a Google exec having a midlife crisis and one teenager having a very good week
Rackspace plans to add 1,000 people to its staff of about 5,000 over the next two years. It is doing so under an agreement with the state of Texas, which will help train its workers.
Enterprises replacing legacy network infrastructure are increasingly turning to software-defined networks, which can automate an entire network fabric. Having helped hosting companies and academic institutions, a variety of resellers, system integrators and consultancies are ready to bring SDN to the enterprise.
Implementing VDI strategy requires expertise that many organizations lack. To reap virtual desktop benefits that include cost savings and better security, many IT pros turn to system integrators, resellers and other service providers to set up the VDI and make sure IT staff know how to make the most of it.
John Browett, from UK electronics chain Dixons, called stores “too bloated,” and planned to sacrifice customer service for a “few more margin points.”
IBM is promoting local, skilled solution providers to C-suite customers -- and, increasingly, the midmarket -- for quicker implementation, lower costs and stronger ROI. That's the mission of Big Blue's channel chief, a 32-year IBM veteran and former CIO responsible for global integration, as he reveals in an interview with
Vendors of disparate solutions are looking to leverage what they see as shortcomings in virtualization to provide customers with comprehensive views of resources and applications in complex environments.
Fujitsu has unveiled a free two-month trial program on its cloud aimed at ISVs and SMEs.
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