Can anyone recommend a good cloud-based collaboration forum?


I'm looking for a good way for a community project can share files amongst our impromptu group. I'd like it to be inexpensive and allow us to share files with each other - meeting notes, budget spreadsheets, etc.

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I'm actually a fan of Box.Net. Lots of free storage (5GB) and integration with Google Docs, kind of a best of both worlds solution.

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Hands down, Google Docs is probably what you guys want to use. It's got word processing and spreadsheets built-in, and can import Word and Excel files.


But GoogleDocs won't let you add or edit content from Android phones. Dropbox might be better because it works with Windows and Mac, Android and IOS.
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Well, you could always just set up a Yahoo Group and keep the membership private. That way you're just using a web browser and not client software you have to download, like Dropbox.

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I'd definitely consider Google Docs. Sounds like it would work very well for you:

Edward Neely
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Hi there,

Could I suggest that Clinked is what you're looking for?
As well as sharing, commenting on documents, you get 1TB  file storage as well as Desktop SmartSync software which syncs your local folders with the cloud and vice versa, In addition to document management and sharing features, Clinked also features wiki-style online editable pages, task management, events calendar, schedule and discussions section. It also has @mentioning and approvals so you can request specific members of your team, or a whole group, to either view or approve your work. It saves unlimited versions of your work etc too.
You can also integrate it with Google apps too- Google Drive/Docs/Calendar etc, with a single sign on.

If you need to know any more, just ask- I work for Clinked :)

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For file based collaboration and team communication you can also explore Simple tool allowing you to work in private groups, with unlimited storage, versions and file comments.


Moreover, with folders permission , you can restrict your files controls. Best part, free for 20 users. Only requirement - company email address. Not applicable for generic emails.


If you have question, drop me an email at



Rahul Nath,

Sales and Engagement, Oogwave

New Delhi, India.

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