Has there been a pull back from the cloud by businesses?


With the NSA surveillance revelations, popular cloud services going down and leaving customers without access, and articles in Wired talking about companies deciding the cloud is a “waste of money” are we starting to see a pull back from the cloud model, or are these just blips on the radar screen?

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Like anything else, the cloud has gotten a lot of hype. Sometimes the cloud is truly a good thing for some companies, but not so much for others. Each company has to sit down and figure out what really makes sense, particularly from a business or financial perspective. Otherwise, they may be wasting time and money on cloud initiatives.

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I read the Wired article, and the headline sounds much more provocative than the actual story. The gist of it is that if you have stable computing needs, and aren’t concerned about rapid scalability, there may not be a financial advantage to cloud computing for your company. Makes sense to me. Not every company is going to have the same needs, and what makes sense for some won’t for others. Cloud computing is no different in this respect than any other service or product. I’d consider this “a blip” if that. 

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