How do you secure high value data in the cloud?


Have you implemented any special data security measures to protect high value data stored in the cloud? What is most effective?

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I think the best choice for high value data is not to store it on the cloud.  If that isn't an option, use encryption for that data.  A lot (most?) cloud providers use some sort of encryption, but you can use other options like TrueCrypt to protect your data.  


Sophos, for one example, offers some enterprise grade encryption for cloud storage.  There are other options, they were just the first one that came to mind.  

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Here's an article with some thoughts.

How To Protect High-Value Data Assets

"For decades, the security industry has been chasing an infinite list of malicious software and creating a blacklist to prevent them from running. That reactive approach is no longer effective, as evidenced by the volume of high-profile data breaches still taking place. Today, enterprises are faced with exponential growth in IP theft, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other sophisticated malware. Solution providers seeking new technologies for their portfolios that overcome the limitations of legacy blacklisting solutions have a great opportunity to help their customers avoid data loss.

Here are five topical themes about today’s threat landscape and a new approach that solution providers can follow for a consultative discussion with their customers about protecting their high valued data assets from today’s advanced threats."

Agili Ron
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Hello Friends,

Products and services from Thales e-Security can simplify the move from on-premise to cloud deployments by helping businesses, government organizations, and cloud providers make effective use of cryptographic protection. While the cloud is a relatively new concept, strong cryptography and key management are not; these are well-defined security technologies and processes that have been deployed successfully for years as ways to protect data in the event of loss or theft. Given the higher level of risk involved in multi-tenant environments, these technologies can deliver correspondingly higher levels of assurance that enable customers to migrate sensitive and high-value data to cloud deployments with confidence. Hardware data protection products from Thales bring the control and proof needed to demonstrate compliance with privacy regulations and essential standards of due care to the cloud environment just as they have for decades in the global payments network and countless other security applications. These products focus on simplifying complex key management tasks wherever possible to deliver industry-leading scalability. We provide a comprehensive portfolio that enables critical data assets to be protected throughout their life cycle—at rest, in motion, and in use. Working with Thales, cloud service providers and their customers can take advantage of a comprehensive range of encryption, digital signing, and authentication capabilities as they prepare for the next phase of cloud expansion.
Thanks and Regards,
Agili Ron

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