How to minimize latency in cloud computing?


I have two questions: Is latency still a significant issue with cloud computing, and if so, what can a cloud user do to minimize latency?

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Physical location. If you are a company located in the US, make sure that your cloud provider’s servers are also physically located in the US. Latency approximately doubles if the network traffic is transatlantic. After all, the speed of light might be fast, but it still only travels so quickly.

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Latency: The Achilles Heel of Cloud Computing

"Today, cloud computing is proliferating. For IT and corporate business units alike, there is strong interest in deploying applications in a cloud environment for its increased business flexibility and cost savings. However, common cloud computing solutions can introduce unexpected costs associated with the broader issue of latency from the cloud edge to the end user.

IT and individual business units tend to focus on the aspect of performance within the cloud environment when deploying applications to the cloud, rather than the question of performance and reliability of the overall application and content delivery chain from the cloud environment to the end user.

This is a serious miscalculation for two reasons. First, the cloud computing provider's choice of network carrier shouldn't penalize the cloud user when network performance is degraded. Second, end users will abandon applications and websites based on the smallest performance delays or downtime, jeopardizing the perceived value of the cloud initiative. For these reasons, it is critical that the discussion around cloud latency shift away from IT or business unit-defined acceptable levels of latency to end-user behavior judgments as to what level of latency is acceptable."

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