How to monitor application performance in the cloud


What tool will help me determine what the user experience is for the apps they access in a cloud environment?

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CA Application Performance Management Cloud Monitor provides end-to-end transaction response-time visibility into cloud, mobile and Web applications to provide up-to-the-minute insight into performance and availability.

CA APM Cloud Monitor makes the CA APM solution even more comprehensive, and provides an easy-to-use, SaaS-based option for applications that don’t require full APM. This best-of-both-worlds approach optimizes your investment by employing the right level of monitoring to help you consistently deliver high service levels and an exceptional end-user experience.


Sandeep Seeram

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You could use something like Compuware APM. I have not used it, but here's a page that explains why it might be useful. I'm sure there are other choices as well.

Why You Need Compuware APM

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zenoss is a open source software that can help you to monitor the performance of a application in the cloud.



Sandeep Seeram

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@Clarecate - I assume that I have the answers for your question but I will need some clarifications -


to measure user expirience you can try -


with regards to measuring your cloud environment preformance you can try -



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zenoss is a open source software that can help you to monitor the performance of a application in the cloud.



Sandeep Seeram

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Hi clarecate, it depends on what you're looking to measure about the user's experience. Cedexis Radar gives you insight into how your users experience your apps as well as the comparative data you need to make good choices about which cloud providers perform best for your audience. Check out our Country Reports to see the type of data you can get from deploying Radar:


Greg Unrein

Cedexis, Inc.

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