How much more attractive does 24/7 support make Google Apps for your cloud based office suite?


Google announced that it is going to have telephone tech support available 24/7 for Google Apps. For me it is a definite positive development, because when people want a solution for a problem from me, they want it yesterday. If I don't have an immediate answer and there is no one to contact with the expertise to help, I can get a lot of grief for not having an all-knowing IT crystal ball. Assuming the support is reasonably competent, is this going to make a difference in your assessment/adoption of cloud based productivity suites?

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Anytime I have an issue and can speak to an actual person that is knowledgeable (knowledgeable being an extremely important caveat) to resolve the problem, I consider that a major plus.  I haven't really experienced any unresolvable issues with Google Apps, but being able to access customer support if I do is a comforting bit of insurance.  Even so, my first reaction if I cannot resolve an issue is to go online and seek help in a forum instead of ringing tech support.  If Google's telephone support is available for all users, and not just admins/IT, it could be a real time saver for me if employes start attempting to answer some issues on their own at a higher rate. 

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Hi ncharles,

I think it's absolutely a positive thing. It lends confidence to potential users of Google's service and - if the support is good - a helping hand to IT folks that have to deal with end users.

I think we'll have a much better idea after the support service develops a track record. If it's a good one it will definitely be a huge plus for Google. If it stinks then it'll be a cautionary tale for any companies thinking of the using the service.

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