What are the most valuable skills to possess in a cloud-dominated IT world?

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Hi Raven,


Great question. Derek Singleton, a respected enterprise software and cloud computing consultant recently answered this same question in a blog post called Top Five Skills to Secure a Job in Cloud Computing on ITCareerFinder.com. His post addresses both new and established IT pros, and he covers the business skills, e.g., how to present cloud solutions to the bosses, as well as the technical competencies needed to excel in the cloud era, e.g., which programming languages you should learn to develop effective cloud applications.


Also, if you're interested in knowing which IT skills and career tracks are hottest right now in a more general sense - including those in cloud & wireless - there are a couple more posts you should check out including one on the IT Skills in Demand for 2012 and a new post on the Top IT Jobs for the Future based on the latest BLS growth rates, salaries and chances for upward mobility.


Hope this helps!


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Hi Raven,

You might want to do a bit of searching on Simply Hired and other job sites for cloud-related jobs. That would give you some ideas on what kinds of skills employers are looking for right now. You can then build a list from that and then consider what sort of education would get you those skills.

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