What do you plan to do if there is an outage with your cloud provider?


Things go wrong, we all know that. RIM's occasional email problems around the world are a good example of how something going wrong on someone else's end can cause you problems. Office 365 had a couple of outages in the past few months as well. If you are using cloud based Apps like Office 365 or Google Apps, what do you do if the cloud service or ISP goes down? Stop all work? To what level do you build in redundancy - multiple internet service providers, duplicated storage of data on your own network...., or just cross your fingers?

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Honestly, I pretty much accept that there is a chance of downtime.  It is acceptable risk in my situation because the chance of a prolonged outage really is pretty low.  I look more at making it easy to restore web apps after a problem occurs.  Every hour I take a snapshot of an ebs volume, and retain it for 36 hours.  It won't prevent the downtime, but I'm hoping that it will save me future headaches after an outage.  

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Hi jdixon,

Here's an article that looks at the consequences of Amazon's outage. Also see the links at the end to see how companies dealt with it. Interesting stuff.

What Happens When the Cloud Goes Down?

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