Can Hadoop replace an enterprise data warehouse?


I'm looking for articles (from solid sources and/or experts) that lay out of the advantages and disadvantages.


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Pros and Cons of Hadoop

"This page contains the details about various aspects where Hadoop is strong and weak. It contains the advantages and disadvantage of Hadoop and its components."

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Lenovo officially acquires IBM's x86 server business Wednesday, promising a seamless transition for its customers, while taking some new security-focused steps.
Republicans and Democrats in Congress rarely seem to agree on anything anymore, but top members from both sides Friday offered qualified support for efforts to consolidate federal data centers.
Benchmarks have been evolving along with the hardware they measure, and both are getting more complex.
A new 2,000-sq.-ft. data center in Pennsylvania was designed to protect against an electromagnetic pulse, either from a solar storm or a nuclear event.
Tesla expects to use geothermal, wind and solar to achieve 100% renewable energy production.
Mayo clinicians will leverage Watson's natural language processing and data analytics capabilities.
New protocols will replace a 16-year-old standard that's way out of date.
Web server administrators who wish to trim bandwidth costs and hasten the delivery of their Web pages should take a look at a newly updated free module from Google designed to automate a number of techniques used to compress content.
Cisco this week revamped its UCS server line with systems designed to scale form the largest cloud deployment to those with only up to 15 servers.
U.S. data centers use more electricity than they need, a new report finds, and IT managers are too cautious about managing power and businesses are unwilling to invest in energy conservation.

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