What stood out in the views of Google's data centers that were just released?


Knowing how secretive Google generally is about their data centers, I was surprised that they released street view images of the inside of some of them this week. Other than seeing a stormtrooper (and that Google has a sense of humor), what stood out? I thought that the size was pretty darn impressing, and the cooling portion of the data center was really cool...no pun intended. The lack of humans, with the stormtrooper exception, was a little disconcerting though.

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I think they were neat to look at, but beyond that there wasn't much that was very interesting. I give Google credit for opening up a little bit, but that sort of thing is more of a PR stunt than anything significant. They'd do much better to focus on fixing some of their corporate excess when it comes to user privacy concerns. That would serve them far better in the long run than short-lived public relations stuff.

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I liked the photo of the hard drive being destroyed.  I would love to put some of the freakin' equipment I deal with on a 10,000lb hydraulic press with a hardened steel spike!  

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