Why should I use Hadoop instead of Microsoft SQL?


We have a bunch of SQL 2008 servers in our data center. Is there a compelling reason to add Hadoop to the mix?

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Hadoop is an open source app so it has some benefits for developers and corporations alike due to the principles of the open source movement - It surea dod. Additionally, because it stores unstructured data, it has some benefit when working with big data.

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Hi Henyfoxe,

Here's a good article that answers the question:


Here's a very brief snippet:

"Hadoop is an open-source software platform by the Apache Foundation for building clusters of servers for use in distributed computing. Server clustering is really nothing new or revolutionary but Hadoop is designed specifically for mass-scale computing, which involves thousands of servers. Based on a paper originally written by Google about their MapReduce system, Hadoop leverages concepts from functional programming to solve large computing problems. Hadoop is an ideal solution for working with large volumes of data in a variety of applications from scientific to searching through web pages."

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A version of Hadoop for Windows is coming soon, and Microsoft is working on ways to get it to function with Microsoft Azure, so cloud-based Windows-oriented Hadoop is not far off in the future.

José Cruz
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If all the types of transactions you make are relational and you are well served by Sql Server 2008, I think there is no advantage of adding Hadoop. But if your company are thinking to add more data, structured and/or unstructured  and relate it with Sql Server 2008 databases and do some mining and complex queries over all of that data, I think Hadoop its the way to go.


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