Will it be worthwhile to upgrade to Windows Server 2012?


From what I understand, Windows Server 2012 will be released this fall, a few months after OEMs get a start installing it on new units. I haven't really had the chance to look at any prerelease versions. Is this an incremental upgrade, or is Windows Server 2012 a major update from Windows Server 2008 r 2? I know that there is a new file system, but I haven't kept up with what else is changing.

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You might want to check out this review for an overview of what Windows Server 2012 has to offer.

Windows Server 2012 review: compelling new features

"I've been pessimistic about Windows 8 as a client. I simply don't understand some of the changes that have been made and don't fully buy into the value proposition on the Metro interface and touch. On the server end, though, I am a full 180 degrees opposite: I love the things that are happening in Windows Server 2012.

From much easier deployment for DirectAccess to a full-scale file classification and dynamic access control system, to better user experiences for companies deploying a virtual desktop infrastructure, the improvements in Windows Server 2012's release candidate build are palpable and compelling. Chances are, there's something in there for you."

Vaibhav Pandey
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Yes, It is good to upgrade windows. 

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Well, the interface is going to be different, for sure, with the new "metro style" but beyond that, it looks like it will be a pretty major update.  The file system you noted, Resilient File System in MS Speak, is supposed to be noticeably more scalable and reliable.  Hyper-V will be able to work in multi-tenant configurations.  With a datacenter license, you can run "unlimited" virtual machines.  I know there are some other licensing changes, but I'm not certain about the details.  

Vaibhav Pandey
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Yes, It is good to upgrade windows. 

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