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I am suspecting that someone used my gmail account. It is very important to find proof of that. I need to see who (what IP address) used my account from 02-09-2013 till 30-09-2013 and I can not find such information in unfamiliar activity reports: it seems it is to old to find it here. How and where do I find older information? Thnx!

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You can see the most recent login activity if you scroll down to the bottom right of your gmail page and click “Details” under account activity, but that will only show you the most recent events. The only way I know to get anything additional is to go to and check account activity there (, but I still doubt you will be able to go back as far as you want. As far as I know, absent a court issued subpoena, that is the best you can do. Good luck, hope you get this taken care of.

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cchecca has a good answer, but here's a link to the Gmail Help page in case you need additional information:

Roberto Gil
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You should change your password to a stronger one or enable the 2-step verification provided by Google. 

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