What do you do when MS Exchange servers go down and your backup is corrupted?


A power transformer blew a block away from our office and the spike cooked our UPS, taking down the MS Exchange server. Unfortunately, it was at the end of the day yesterday, and the back-up was almost a day old at the time, so the emails from the entire day were not yet backed up. What is the best thing to do to try to recover the lost data, which includes messages and discussions with both customers and vendors, the loss of which would be very bad indeed?

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Perhaps this is a good argument for multiple backups? Seems like that might be a way to guard against the damage by this sort of situation.

Lizze Watson

You may try this one of the best and globally used  backup restore and recovery software: http://ost.taskmanagerfix.com/recovery.html

I searched for manual solutions in the internet but did not get any relevant. Suggestions showed few solutions, I tried the solution given in this blog post and it recovered all teh data from corrupted backup file of an Exchange Server. http://nalavadebela.wordpress.com/2014/03/21/how-to-recover-data-from-your-corrupted-exchange-bkf-file/   This thread is quite old and I shared my answer so that other users may get some help.  
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Sad to say, your only option might be to do an OST restore.  Since each Exchange server user is running Outlook in cached mode, you can probably make use of employees' poor security practices.  If they left their computer logged on and running then Outlook will have a locally cached copy of each mailbox.  You'll have to create a new database where you can assign new mailbox space to users.  It's going to be a time consuming task, and it depends on those local caches being there, so it is one of those rare time you had best hope your employees are not following best practices for security.  You will also need a tool for OST to PST conversion.  There are a number of choices, a well known one being from Nucleus Technologies.

Exchange ships with eseutil, which you might also want to explore.  Eseutil is a command line utility that you can use to repair databases.  You might want to check out this link for a list of eseutil modes that might be useful in your recovery efforts.  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa996953(EXCHG.65).aspx 


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First check the data which you have in your hand and if the loss of data is very high then you should consult to a data recovery expert. He or she can recover your data even in case of severe loss.




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Firstly try all things at your end, like opening one-by-one messages and save them in other format. If you are enable to open and recover any data, then you can use third-party solution for this purpose. One of the finest 3rd-party recovery tool is SysTools OST Recovery software. 

You can repair/ recover any number of messages and discussions with the help of this tool.

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Hi friend you can use Exchange recovery software to recover corrupt Exchange server database. This tool repair Exchange server database without requiring any backup details. First try demo edition of the software at free, with demo you will easily become able to see damage Exchange server database in healthy format.

Colin Paul
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Here are following to troubleshoot dirtyshut down:-


These steps helps you convert it to a clean shutdown state and bring out you from dirty shut down.

 Take backup of all Exchange Database files including private, public, log and STM files to a different location and make free space for the repair process on your hard drive.

Check consistency of mentioned database by running “Eseutil” with /mh:

[ eseutil /mh “path of the priv.edb"]

After check consistency check verify the Database state, It should be Dirty Shutdown.

Get Soft Repair by replacing the log files of the corrupt Database system. Execute ‘Eseutil /r’ command from the database log folder :

c:\dblog>eseutil /r E00

Again have to run consistency check for your database, If still inconsistent state is showing the in the database , go to the next step Eseutil /p “c:\program files\exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.edb” and run this command.

Run ‘Eseutil /d’ command to defrag the database . Now,run ‘Isinteg’ command to perform Store-level check as given below:

[isinteg -s "servername" -test alltests]

Run this command until no errors are found.


Use ‘Eseutil /mh’ to examine the state of your database again. Now you will find the system should be in Clean shutdown state.  


To read more about dirty shut down error please visit http://exchangedirtyshutdownerrors.edbtopstutility.net/


Exchange Database Recovery Software recovers corrupt or inaccessible edb files from exchange server data and convert it to pst files in few minutes. This utility easily solves all type of corruption issues of exchange files . Exclusive features of this software: Recover permanently deleted emailsConvert edb files to pst filesExtract single/ multiple mailboxes from backup created by Symantec, HP Backup, VERITAS and NTBackup.Extract mailboxes from offline exchange edb files For more information and free download click here: http://exchangerecoverytool.webs.com
Singh Sumit
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Such types situations are very critical and sometimes leads to serious data loss in Exchange databases. Although, hard repair /p can help users to bring databases into consistent and mountable state. But, sometimes it can cause data loss because it removes the unreadable database pages to maintain the integrity and bring the databases in consistent state.

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For the recovery of Exchange from backup all you need to have is log files. Follow these commands: 

Detect the State of Database: 

eseutil /mh <path of database>


If database is in clean state then its ok, but it not then Repair Dirty Shutdown error: 

exeutil/r <path of log file>


Now the database is clean shut down, now run Restore-Mailbox command to restore the mailbox. But if still problems exists like, server is crashed, log files are corrupted, edb file is offline then get helpful information from: http://exchangeguides.wordpress.com/2013/11/27/recover-exchange-server-when-the-log-file-is-corrupted-or-deleted/


Selina Jodi
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Using Exchange OST Recovery tool to successfuly recover your Outlook emails from OST files which can easily Convert OST to PST files that is readable with all MS Outlook edition.

sophia loren
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Get best email converter and convert OST file to PST file data instantly. You can safely remove all errors from corrupted OST file and save OST file as PST, EML, MSG & HTML format.EDB file to PST converter software, it helps you to repair Exchange EDB file database and migrate EDB to PST file successfully. Software works on whole versions of Exchange file.


Read More,



Stuffy jackson
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Recover Exchange EDB file in the guidance of Exchange server recovery tool. It serves the simplest way to retrieve data from corrupt EDB file effortlessly. EDB to PST converter program efficiently convert Exchange EDB file to PST file with complete data of Exchange. This tool works in all versions of Exchange and efficiently export EDB to PST Outlook data file.


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Mailbox Exchange Recovery is a result-driven tool that can recover all e-mails, attachments, tasks, journals, contacts, calendars, as well as permanently deleted email items. Don't let corruption hamper your organization's productivity, simply download our Exchange Recovery tool and restore it back to healthy state For more information and free download http://exchangeserverdatarecovery.weebly.com


Exchange Database Recovery Software recovers corrupt or inaccessible edb files from exchange server data and convert it to pst files in few minutes. This utility easily solves all type of corruption issues of exchange files . Exclusive features of this software: Recover permanently deleted emailsConvert edb files to pst files Extract single/ multiple mailboxes from backup created by Symantec, HP Backup, VERITAS and NTBackup.Extract mailboxes from offline exchange edb files For more information and free download click here: http://exchange-server-recovery-tool.blogspot.com
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Exchange Server is an advanced and powerful solution that restores mailboxes/folders from inaccessible or corrupt Exchange database .EDB files to easily accessible MS Outlook .PST files. What could make an Exchange database .EDB files corrupt or damaged include numerous reasons like Exchange Server failure due to improper Server shutdown, damaged header information, virus attacks, physical damage of storage media, file size errors, all types of JET Engine errors, human errors, etc. Exchange Server converts EDB to PST without requiring a running Exchange Server (that ExMerge or Import-Mailbox utilities demands). The tool accurately recovers all the emails, attachments, folders, images, tasks, notes, appointments, journals, Sent Items, permanently deleted emails, email properties, etc. For more information and free download click http://exchangedatarecoverytool.blogspot.com

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