What type of data backup plan does your business use?


As a smaller company, we don't have a lot of predetermined procedures that set out rules and schedules for everyone to follow, and currently data is only backed up each Friday at the end of the day. I think this is inadequate, and was curious what kind of schedule others were following to ensure their data is preserved.

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Hi pcaulfield,

Here's a white paper in PDF format that you might want to read. It covers some best practices for backups and archiving by businesses.

Guide to Data Protection Best Practices

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I feel strongly that backups should be a daily event.  We follow a schedule where a normal, full backup occurs every Monday, and incremental backups are scheduled each remaining business day, Tuesday through Friday.  The incremental backup only backs up the files that have been modified since the last backup, and is a heck of a lot faster that a full backup.  Just be aware that restoring files that were saved during incremental backups requires that you be able to locate the most recent version of the file that you want to restore, so you have to keep track of it. 

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