Career opportunities for computer scientists and IT specialists in the automotive industry?


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The developer's guide to future car technology

This article was based on a panel at the 2013 Grace Hopper Celebration of Computing conference
The goal of the panel was to share the enormous career opportunities for computer scientists and IT specialists in the automotive industry, which is often seen as a nontraditional career path for people with that kind of background.

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Good article. As someone who tunes and races motorcycles, I agree wholeheartedly that the landscape has changed for vehicles, and even at the level of individual maintenance and modification, traditional mechanical knowledge is insufficient. For example, tuning used to require changing jets, adjusting fuel floats, etc. Now, I can just add a power commander module, hook up a laptop, and change the fuel map in 250 rpm increments for each 10% throttle change. It’s more precise, easier, and much, much quicker. While you still get grease under your fingernails working on modern vehicles, it is just as likely that you will spend time on a keyboard. At the design and development stage for consumer vehicles, the complexity and technical skills required are pretty mind-blowing.

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