Do you hate Agile development? Why?


Hate might be a strong word, but the more I feel as though I should really like Agile, the more I hate it. The part that bugs me the most: reviewing bits and pieces out of the context

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I don’t really know much about Agile development. How widely implemented is it?

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In general, hating anything simply takes too much time and energy. It usually consumes the hater in the end.

Ihateagile andscrum
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Yep I hate it. So much I gave it its own identity. It wrecks family's, causes wars, epidemics and famine. Its tearing down the fabric of our society. But mostly - its making me not like my job anymore. I now get asked stupid technical questions with an expectation of immediate response in corridor conversations or 'standups' that need technical manuals, research time and analysis to answer ... Im supposed to check the configuration of complex enterprise networks but because its an agile project - we didnt budget for asset management tools or get someone in to do a network design ... did we. Agile has just become a misnomer for bringing in the deadlines, spending less money, not documenting requirements or specs anymore ... blah, blah, blah ... and dont get me started on outsourcing. You think that helps ?


Good answer, you should get post of the day. If there was such a thing.
Ron Jackson
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Agile means different things for different people/companies.

Everyone seems to do it their own way and that's kind of the point. Don't get dogmatic with it, find the workflow that works for your team.

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