How to find broken links on website?


Is there a simple way to find which old links are broken on a website. We have some pretty old blogs entries with links, and I’m sure some of them are bad. I’d rather not go back and check one by one (click...good, click….good, click….not good).

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You can use the free W3C tool:

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You can check in online tools. That gives good result.

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You can use a few different tools for this. You can purchase software, but I usually just use a website, It works pretty well, and is free. I have had issues with a few websites where I get a redirect error message though, so it’s not perfect.

Carla Manini
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You can always look into your Google Webmaster Tools account and check for problems in the Crawl area. You can see if some pages lead to a non existent page or missing document.


Google Webmaster Tools

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