How to recover corrupt SQL server backup file database


I had taken a backup of my SQL Server database, but now I'm unable to restore data from it or somehow it has got corrupted. Is there any solution to recover this damaged backup database?

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How to Repair MS SQL Server Backup (.Bak) Files with the Help of SQL Backup Recovery Software

"This tutorial is designed for MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 users who are facing the database corruption in their backup database. The step by step method will allow you to repair and restore your corrupt backup database in healthy step without any loss of data or consistency."

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Hi marshall, the main reason for SQL backup file corruption is interval Server errors or virus attacks etc. These errors affect the entire data functioning of the backup file and eventually results in the inaccessibility of the data items. In this situation user can use SQL backup database recovery tool to recover corrupt backup file into healthy backup file by maintaining proper data integrity as usual. 

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Hi marshall


I suggest you to take help from this article Which will help you restore bak file normal.






Kaye R. Jenkins

It may be possible that your MDF Files of SQL server database have been damaged, If you want to repair it then I would like to advice you an excellent application named as Kernel for SQL recovery Tool. By this efficient and user-friendly tool you can very smoothly repair damaged or corrupted MDF files of SQL Server database including triggers, tables, keys, procedures, indexes etc.   For More Info:
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Check this blog for more about sql backup file recovery

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You can check out the blog to know how to repair the sql backup file. Once you repaired the database, you will be able to restore your database easily on your sql server.

Check this blog=>




Prakash keshari
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Stellar Phoenix SQL backup recovery software from Stellar data recovery easily restores corrupt SQL server backup file (.bak). It supports full & differential backups and shows the preview of all the objects. To get more information about the software, just click on the below link:

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I have many software tried for recovery of corrupt or damaged SQL server and then I have use SQL server recovery tool to repair and recover SQL server. Visit here:


Please try this link to free download SQL recovery tool:
Phillip Davis
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SQL Recovery is the perfect solution to recover all corrupt or damaged MS SQL Server database files accurately. The SQL Server database files may get corrupt due to several reasons that is, virus attacks, abnormal system shut down, network issues etc. This tool efficiently recovers entire MDF files including triggers, tables, keys, procedures, indexes. It automatically rebuilds a new database MDF file making it the best tool among many others in the market.


The demo version of tool is available to download for free from:

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To fix and recover your corrupt SQL server then you must follow - How to Repair Corrupt SQL Server Database?

Josh Castro
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I would like to suggest reliable and reasonable priced tool to recover all of your deleted SQL file from SQL server database. You can try this tool from here:-

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