Is it worth learning CSS in addition to HTML for website design?


If you already are reasonably competent designing website using HTML, would it still make sense to learn CSS too? Are there many things that you can do with CSS that you can’t using HTML?

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It never hurts to broaden your horizons by adding to your skill sets. It'll make you more valuable to your employer, and it will open doors for you.

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Yes it will definitely help you as learning css will add to your html skills and there are many things that can't be achieved through html but css plus in industry it will add to your benefit if you also know css

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Learning should be an ongoing process putting no bar at the age. CSS is an important element for the website developers to learn and make use of in their development tasks. Here are few terms of CSS that every developer must know. Check out -

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CSS can help you make a website look better and be easier to manage, plus CSS skills are likely to be pretty marketable now and in the future. You have additional formatting choices with CSS that allow you to control format better. It also lets you separate content (using HTML) from style (CSS). 

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