What are the most significant advantages of HTML5 over HTML4?


I suppose the main advantage that comes to mind about HTML5 is that it allows for video to be embedded in browsers, which frees users from Adobe Flash Player and related security issues. What else does HTML5 bring to the table that is new/better?

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Christopher Nerney
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Here's a short list of HTML5 advantages:


Simpler coding for programmers

Easier Audio and Vision support

SEO friendliness

Responsive design possibilities 

Location services


Others advantages include: 


Local data storage 

Lower development costs


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One of the best things is how much better/easier it works with different browsers, which is a big deal if you recall how screwed up a website could look in the past if you weren’t using a “supported” browser, which usually meant IE.

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HTML5 has given more solutions for error handling. Application development with html5 is more simpler. More about differences between these two technologies, you may read here http://pixelcrayonsservices.wordpress.com/2013/07/08/7-differences-betwe...

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Theres really no benefit. Video is only important if iphones will be viewing your website as all other platforms and browsers support flash.


Google doesnt give preference to any of the native html code so theres no SEO benefit


and as far as im aware no 3rd party software reparses html5


html5 canvas is pretty good tho. if you want a flash replacement!

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"In order to further demystify HTML5 and help these knuckle dragging designers and developers to jump on the bandwagon I’ve put together a top ten list of reasons why we should all be using HTML5 right now. For those that currently use HTML5 this list may not be anything new or ground breaking, but hopefully it will inspire you to share the benefits of HTML5 with others in the community. We’ll do this Letterman countdown style (minus the celebrity presenter) and start with number ten – accessibility."

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