What are some design practices to help make a website more readable and attractive?


Are there any “rules of thumb” to follow that will help make a website more attractive to visitors? Some things are obvious, such as avoid clutter and difficult to read fonts. Anything else that would help improve a website and make it more attractive to visitors?

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Here's a few thoughts:

1. Minimize the number of ads if possible, and make sure none of them play audio by default or expand and that sort of thing without the user doing it themselves.

2. Make sure the font is large enough to be easily read. I use a size 16 font on my blogs.

3. Look carefully at the pages and get rid of as much clutter as possible, remove as many images to lighten the page load.

These three suggestions can go a long way toward making a site much more readable.

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Follow the rule of thirds, just like the composition of a good photograph. It is one of those things that most people will never put their finger on, but they will notice that the website (or image) is visually balanced and more attractive to the eye. 

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