What's a good Android development book for beginners?


My company wants us to start providing our services through Android apps. What's the best book for learning Android development?

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I recommend looking at the Google Android site and the examples first then look at this site for the most up to date digital books



He also includes a weekly and sometimes bi-weekly forum to answer questions


Great stuff!
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Hi bralphye,

I suggest browsing Amazon.com to see what's available. I did a search and here's a link to the results page:


There's quite a lot of books available. Here are three that might help to get you started:

Android Application Development For Dummies

Programming Android

Learning Android

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You might want to start out by checking out the Android reference site



Another good tip is to watch some videos on YouTube.



But if you're desperate to read a book, WROX makes some of the best books for developers.

Check out Beginning Android Application Development



Welis Sat
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list of android development  books on One Bookmark Android

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red this book


Android Programming Bookhttp://www.reseausale.com/2014/04/android-programming-book.html

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Check out my list of Best Android Books 2014. I've listed 3 android books and lots of android development resources that you can find online. 

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