Best touch screen laptop with Windows 8

Daniel Eaton

I'm totally confused on how to choose a good laptop. My criteria is that it must be touch screen and have Windows 2008 operating system. Any advice?

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You tags make it look like this is a spam question (the mods will probably delete the spam answers if it is), but I'll take the chance that you are a decent human being asking a legitimate question instead of a filthy spammer trying to sell some 3rd world "quality" product.


That’s a tough question. I guess the first thing to ask yourself is whether price is an issue. If so, you can obviously eliminate those machines that exceed your budget. After that, I’d say examine your intended use. If you intend to use it for going online, looking at cat photos, and watching Netflix, you really don’t need the latest and greatest hardware, but a good screen is important. If you use it for CPU intensive work, then the amount of RAM and clock speed is more important.


I would consider the Surface Pro with a keyboard. There isn’t such a clear line between laptop and tablet with keyboard, and although the Surface Pro is expensive ($900+), it’s has the hardware to justify it. Although with a 10.6” screen, it is a little small for use as a true laptop replacement in my book.


The HP Pavillion Smartbook is worth looking at for a cheaper option. It has a larger 15.6” screen, decent CPU, 6GB of RAM, and a 1TB HDD. Downside, it’s HP, which in my recent experience has meant so-so build quality. Still, it’s a decent, cheaper option. 


If you want to spend a little more, perhaps the Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus is more to your liking, although it’s more of an ultrabook than a laptop. Expensive, but with a killer display and good battery life. 


There are other options out there, but I would suggest in really examining what you want to use the machine to do, and then looking for something that checks all the required boxes. Good luck! 

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