Can you do anything to extend the life of a Lithium Ion battery?


The battery in my laptop will hold a charge for less than an hour of use at this point, but the cost of a replacement is ridiculous. Is there anything I can do to eek a little more life out of it before I break down and buy a new one?

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At some point, they have to be replaced. There's no way around that. So I'd bite the bullet and go get yourself a new one.

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They only last so long, and they don’t have the same memory issues vis a vis partial charges/discharges that older ni-cad batteries did, so it may simply be time for a new battery. You can try a “full recharge” by discharging the battery 100%; Leave your laptop on until it shuts off, then power it back up and wait for it to shut off again. Repeat until you can’t restart at all, then plug in and recharge continuously for 48 hours. This may or may not help, but it’s worth a try.

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