Chromebook or cheap Windows laptop?


Which would you get for personal use along with some light business use (word processing, spreadsheets, email, that sort of thing)? Oh, and I’m buying out of pocket.

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A Windows machine will be more versatile, but unless you get the pricy Chromebook, even a cheap Windows laptop will be more expensive. I would probably pay a little more and stick with a Windows laptop, but as Chromebooks continue to get cheaper and more capable, they are definitely worth considering. I'd look at the $250 Samsung one, although the screen is a little small.

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I'd look for a good refurbished (they are cheaper) Macbook Air or Pro. A chromebook might be too limiting, and who wants to use Windows on their personal computer these days? If you must get a Windows PC then you might want to consider installing Linux on it and using that instead.


Amazon has refurbished Mac laptops: 

Refurbished Mac Laptops at Amazon

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