Do you still need a video card if you don't use your PC for gaming?


Are video cards still necessary in PCs, or have they become an unnecessary expense if you don't use your computer to play games?

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As long as you don't use applications that handle large graphic file, etc. you should be fine. I have a macbook pro that just has integrated graphics, and it works great for what I need. Oddly enough, it seems to run casual games just fine.

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With integrated graphics now built in to the motherboard on the vast majority of computers, there is no need for a separate graphics card for most uses. Aside from gaming, if you do graphics heavy work, a dedicated graphics card can be needed, but for watching cat videos, word processing and number crunching (which I believe to be the three main uses of modern technology) integrated graphics are sufficient. 


I ran across this neat review where they took motherboards and chipsets from 2006 to current for an "Integrated Graphics Showdown." It must have really been a pain in the neck to do, but it's interesting. Integrated graphics have come a long way in the past few years. 


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