How to check to see if a PC’s power supply is working?


What’s the best way to check to see if a power supply is good or not?

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Well, if the PC turns on, it’s probably working. Sorry….I’m sure that you are much more interested in when it WON’T power up.  Assuming that you don’t have a working power supply that you can switch out, there are two common ways: a multimeter or a power supply tester. Really, a multimeter is one of those tools that everyone should keep on hand. A power supply tester may be a bit easier to use, but it is a one trick pony. Anyway, to test a PSU with a multimeter isn’t hard, but it does require more knowledge and care. Here is a step by step guide for multimeter testing of PSU. 

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How Do I Test the Power Supply in My Computer?

"Question: How Do I Test the Power Supply in My Computer?

Testing a power supply is an important step when troubleshooting many issues, most obviously when your computer is having trouble starting.

However, a failing power supply can often be the cause of problems you might not expect like random lockups, spontaneous reboots, and even some serious error messages.

Ask any computer repair professional and he or she will probably tell you that the power supply is the most common piece of hardware to fail in a computer.

In my experience, the power supply is very often the first thing to fail as a computer ages.

Answer: You can test a power supply yourself manually using a multimeter or you can purchase a power supply tester to perform an automatic PSU test.

Both methods are equally effective ways of testing a power supply so which one you choose is completely up to you."

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You can check a power supply yourself personally using a multimeter or you can purchase a power supply tester to execute an programmed PSU test. Both techniques are similarly effective ways of examining a power supply so which one you choose is completely up to you. manifold valves

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