How much better are premium HDMI cables?


Is it worth paying the extra money for premium HDMI cables, or is it a waste of money? I was just looking at a 2 meter HDMI cable for $57, would it be worth the extra money?

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The higher priced cables may or may not have higher quality connectors. If the signal goes from Point A to Point B, it really doesn’t matter. A gold plated connector isn’t going to magically make the image quality better, for example. I personally think it is absurd to pay $50+ for a 2 meter HDMI cable. I agree with The occ's post 100% - save your money.

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Why all HDMI cables are the same

"Right now you can buy a 6-foot-long HDMI cable for $3.50. Or $19.99. Or $99.99. Or $699.99. Salespeople, retailers, and especially cable manufacturers want you to believe that you'll get better picture and sound quality with a more expensive HDMI cable.

They're lying. You see, there's lots of money in cables. Your money.

Dozens of reputable and disreputable companies market HDMI cables, and many outright lie to consumers about the "advantages" of their product.

Worse, the profit potential of cables is so great, every retailer pushes high-end HDMI cables in the hopes of duping the buyer into spending tens, if not hundreds, of dollars more than necessary. "

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The extra money is NOT worth it!!! For example, audiophiles were asked to determine the quality of different types of audio cables. 'Monster' brand cables fared worse than plain wire coat hangers!


Granted a digital signal might be more susceptable to interference but a $5.00 cable will give you just as good results as a $50 cable. Save the money and get the cheaper one!

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