How to stop inkjet printer from printing pages with smeared text?


I was printing out some documents for work over the weekend on my home printer, an HP Deskjet F4480. Unfortunately that text was noticeably blurry. I don’t use this printer very often, so I’m not sure how long this has been an issue, but I don’t remember seeing it happen before, and I think I would have noticed. What could cause cause a printer to print blurry text and how can I fix it?

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What Causes the Ink From My Printer to Smear?

"Inkjet printers can offer your business high-quality output of documents ranging from reports and presentations to photographs and graphic designs. However, if your printouts show signs of smearing, your work winds up in the wastebasket. To get the best results from your inkjet, look for problems that can affect the integrity of your output, so that you can avoid the risk of smudges and other damage."

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That actually sounds more like a paper issue that a mechanical issue. Check to see if there is some sort of glossy paper that has been loaded in, and check your printer settings to make sure that they are correct for the type of paper being used. 


If that’s not it, the most likely cause is the printhead. I’m not sure about the specifics on that particular Deskjet, but there should be a printhead cleaning function that you can run. Check for it on the HP Solutions Center software that came with the printer and run the “Clean Print Cartridge” function. 


Worst case scenario, you might need to get a new print cartridge. 

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