is there any pendrive in the market, which has built-in password security? You can not access it without password. Suggest a brand name and it aprox. cost for 8 and 16GB.

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I did a search for you on Amazon for pen drives, but I'm not sure the results are what you are looking for. I think you will have to find the drive you want and then ask the manufacturer if they offer password security.

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Just out of curiosity, where are you that you use the term “pendrive?” I don’t think I’ve ever heard that actually used before, although I’ve seen it written. Most people in the US would just use the term flash drive or perhaps USB stick. Aside from that, why not just encrypt it and password protect it, no matter what brand it is? With all SanDisk drives, which is my preferred brand, you can simply use SanDisk’s SecureAccess software to add password protection and 128-bit encryption to the drive. I haven’t tried it on non-SanDisk drives, but I imagine it will probably work with them too, and even if it doesn’t it’s easy enough to use other tools. I don't think there is any compelling reason to search for a pen/flash/thumb drive with built in password protection or to pay a premium for it. 


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