Where can I find one of those classic IBM keyboards to use with my modern desktop?


I've been trying to find a keyboard that has the same feel as the old IBM PCs from the 80s-90s. They had a long stroke and a very distinct "click-click" tactile feedback. I suspect the reason for the unique feel was that it was during the transition period from typewriters to word processing, and it replicated the feel of a good typewriter keyboard. Come to think of it, the IBM Selectric typewriter probably had the best keyboard feel I've ever experience, so perhaps IBM just had the finest keyboard designers during that era. I haven't been able to locate anything that feels like them, even though I've been looking for quite a while. Does anyone know of a modern alternative to those IBM PC keyboards, or a way to use one with a modern PC?

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You might want to try this site for vintage keyboards:


Ebay also has some available:


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Try http://pckeyboard.com/page/category/UKBD


My son, the Mac expert, has one of the keyboards they make to use on Macs; although its clatter sometimes bothers colleagues, when they use it, they love it.  It comes in a variety of configurations tailored to required needs, whether Mac or pc, connectors, etc.

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You are not alone, many people consider those IBM Model M keyboards to be the finest PC keyboard ever.  They are also called "buckling spring" keyboards.  There is a company called Unicomp in Kentucky that is still making new versions of those. 


There was a 2008 article in PCWorld about the Model M that you might like, appropriately titled Inside the World's Greatest Keyboard. http://www.pcworld.com/article/147939/inside_the_worlds_greatest_keyboar...   


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