Why would a Bluetooth adapter not work with a USB hub?


I have a bluetooth adapter I had been using sucessfully with my desktop's USB port, but after I got a USB hub because I need additional USB ports, everything works except the bluetooth adapter. What could cause the bluetooth adapter to not work with the hub when everything else does?

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Probably the USB hub is either unpowered, or perhaps underpowered.  Bluetooth devices require power from the USB port, so the fact that it works while directly connected but not when connected to the hub is a pretty good clue.  You didn't mention what else you are connecting to the hub, but since they are working I suspect they either don't require power, or require very little.  Pick up a powered hub, one that you actually plug in to a power strip, and I bet the problem goes away.    

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You might want to check the site of the bluetooth adapter for support information related to this. There may be an FAQ or forum thread that covers this. Chances are that if you're experiencing it then others might have also, and you could find an answer that way.

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