Will the acquisition of MakerBot by Stratasys speed consumer market penetration of 3D printing?


It’s always a bit of a Kabuki dance when two companies merge, sometimes with positive results, sometimes not. Think this merger bring 3D printing into widespread adoption?

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I think there is a good chance it could accelerate wider adoption, depending on how well the two companies are able to merge their respective expertise. Stratasys brings a demonstrated ability to put 3D printing to practical use and has products widely used for commercial prototyping and component printing, while MakerBox brings consumer market presences and the ability to product hardware at relatively little cost. Perhaps this will mean lower cost commercial hardware and more capable consumer hardware in the future.  

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It might, but it's too early to tell. You never know with these kinds of acquisitions. Sometimes they work very well, sometimes they end up being disasters. Stay tuned...

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