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1 day ago

We are about to start a website refresh for a portion of our business. One topic came up in our weekly meeting that I hadn't really...

6 Answers |
5 days ago

How can I block inappropriate websites on my home network? I have a son who is 14, and surprise, surprise, he is going to websites that...

1 week ago

My department has a blog on WordPress. It's primarily to keep team members and customers up to date on nonproprietary developments that...

3 Answers |
3 weeks ago

i formated my toshiba sattelite l755 laptop with window 7. then i installed wifi drivers. now wifi signals are indicating. i can't connct wifi. i am asked a...

Tags: laptop |
5 Answers |
3 weeks ago

Recently, things like the internal links to news stories at Wired and the log-in here at IT World won't work with Chrome. I've had to...

Tags: browsers, Crome, Firefox |
5 Answers |
4 weeks ago

The concept of "Internet of Things" seems like the logical next step in the evolution of the Net. But are software and hardware companies actually making...

2 Answers |
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i have one question i am connected to my wifi router (it have all password...

Tags: internet, laptops, wifi |
3 Answers |
Саша Цветковић

i have one question i am connected to my wifi router (it have all password...

Tags: internet, laptops, wifi |
3 Answers |
4 weeks ago

I ran into an issue that I've never had before when designing a website for a client that happened to be colorblind.  When I showed...

4 Answers |
4 weeks ago

We want to run a content-managed website. Which is the better development platform: Joomla, Wordpress, or Drupal? Is there another...

Tags: Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress |
8 Answers |
Nextdoor, a growing app for connecting people with their neighbors, wants to make those neighborhoods safer.
Earlier this month, Microsoft quietly appointed software architect Mark Russinovich as chief technology officer for its Azure cloud computing platform, formalizing a role he's been executing for the past several years.
Activist investor and hedge-fund manager Carl Icahn says eBay's decision to spin off PayPal into a separate company is "almost a no brainer."
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wooed India's government and banks on Tuesday with an offer to host cloud services including Azure and Office 365 in the country.
Aiming to make cloud computing and DevOps training more accessible to women, Intel is sponsoring the IC3 Cloud Scholars program.
A hybrid cloud delivers IT efficiencies, and proprietary business intelligence tools, to help hundreds of hotel owners boost profitability.
Oracle needs to recognize that the consumerization of IT is already here.
Cisco on Monday said it is expanding on its Intercloud multi-cloud service provider initiative with another $1 billion investment, designed to lead to more products, data centers and partners.
Rackspace is in the process of rebooting a substantial portion of its cloud servers before Oct. 1.
Though Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd's title may have changed recently, his job running the company's sales and support operations really hasn't. But he does have a whole lot more to sell and support these days, and it's all in the cloud.
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