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There was a report from Pew earlier this month that said 61% of Facebook users have taken a "voluntary break" from it. I found Facebook to be a double edged sword in some ways, but I've never actually made a conscious decision to "take a break." Have you ever done it, and if so, why?

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I never thought of it in those terms, but I basically stopped using Facebook because I got sick of a few people constantly sending me Bible verses, sometimes multiple times a day, and angry politically oriented posts that were often little more than insane conspiracy theories with no basis in reality. I suppose I could have unfriended all of those people, but I didn't want to deal with it or have to explain why, so I took the lazy way out and started using Google+ with a very select group of friends. It isn't so much that Google+ is vastly superior to Facebook, but my use of it is informed by my Facebook experience so that I enjoy it much more.  

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Yes, it gets tiresome sometimes. Too much babble about this or that, with little of real interest. Okay for staying in touch with people, but sometimes you just need a Facebook break.

Christopher Nerney
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I quit Facebook last year after being on for only a few months or so. I barely used it anyway, and I always resented the constantly moving privacy line, so I decided I could live without it. I do reserve the right to return someday for whatever reason, but the truth is that nobody really needs Facebook, and everyone could survive   quite well without it.

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