How to check if a domain name is already taken?


Where can I check to see if someone has already registered a domain name that I am considering?

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You can use the Network Solutions tool, or check your hosting company's site. They probably also have one available for their customers.

Christopher Nerney
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I'm pretty sure you can check whether a domain is taken through any number of domain registration sites, but the one I've used for years is The first thing you see when you go to the home page is a "Search For a Domain Name" box. Just type in a URL and you'll know if it's taken under any number of domain extensions (.com, .net, .co, .org, .xxx, whatever).


I have heard that some domain hosts will register a domain that a user was inquiring about and then offer to sell it to the user, which strikes me as pretty sleazy. That's never happened with Network Solutions, and I've checked hundreds of domain names over the past decade or so.



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I use as well. I like that they also list TLD alternatives to .com for the url that are still available (.biz, .gov, etc.).    

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There are many domain name availability checker in Google... you can also check the availability of the domain and can purchase one that is available from


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