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I spend an inordinate amount of time removing spam from a couple wordpress blogs that I am responsible for. How can I keep the amount of spam to a minimum on these sites? At times, I can't even get the spam messages I'm deleting deleted before more have been posted.

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Christopher Nerney
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There are a number of Wordpress anti-spam plug-ins, the most recognizable one being Askimet. I've had several Wordpress blogs over the years and that one always did a good job of keeping spam away.


This article reviews several Wordpress spam plug-ins, but it makes an interesting point: Plug-ins eat up memory and slow down a blog, So the author recommends learning about built-in WordPress features that can help combat spam. One is the Default Article Settings, which allow you to eliminate pingback and trackback notifications -- and the plug-ins required to manage them.


Another helpful feature, under Other Comment Settings, requires the comment author to submit a name and email address. 

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Akismet works very well.

But Disqus also works great if you want a more advanced commenting system. It also helps control spam.

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I would also suggest you give Akismet a try.

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Spammers Suck! is what you're looking for:

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It’s so simple! You just need to download some of the best anti-spam WordPress plug-in like I am using i.e. Akismet and Spam destroyer downloaded from So I think you should also go with that option, maybe you can find some better options.

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