How do you choose the best web hosting service?


What should you look for when choosing a web hosting service? Is there all that much difference between the different companies (other than GoDaddy, which I won't use because of their past support for SOPA)?

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Hi Ethan! I stopped using Godaddy because the company outsources support to low salary country employees. They cannot afford the higher salaries in the US and UK. Plus they are always trying to sell much more, my hosting account is full of advertisements and promotions. I'm now hosting my sites with Linux Hosts Ltd. and everything has worked out very well. Depending on where you live you could visit either the United Kingdom site HERE or the US site HERE to read more about them.


Thanks for the input and suggestions!
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For a website that I was really serious about, or planned to use for e-commerce, I would probably go with Rackspace. I prefer a hosting service that focuses on actual hosting instead of registering domain names, such as GoDaddy (which you already removed from consideration anyway). Think about what you want your website to do. If you plan to include a lot of streaming media, for example, you would want to make sure your host can handle that. Are you using an off the shelf template for your website or coding, and if you are coding, make sure your host's server software is compatable (ex. ASP = Microsoft).


Beyond that I would consider a few other things:

Disk space.

Blogging features.


E-Commerce capabilities and options.


I suppose I should include cost in there, but honestly, that's pretty far down the list for me. Not off the list, but I prefer better bandwidth and uptime to saving a few dollars. 

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Hosting Matters is a good one, check them out.

Very good customer service, and you can browse through their hosting plans to find one that works for you.

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Good web hosting is very important for any website. Before choosing a web host you need to look up its performance. Good uptime, technical support, reliability, scalability and affordability are factors to be considered. I have been using Hostgator for years without any complaint. 

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