How do you choose keywords for SEO?


How do you chose keywords that will help improve your search rankings? I don't want to pay some fly by night SEO company for a list of questionable keywords. Is there a way to effectively determine which ones you should focus on for the best results?

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I agree with the other suggestion, try the Google Adwords Keyword tool. Excellent place to start.

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The best place to start is probably the Google keyword suggestion tool. It gives you options to find keywords based on your website url, category, and/or words and phrases. It is free, which is nice, but more importantly, who better to guide you in finding keywords than the company that matters most when it comes to search results.  

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How to choose the right keywords for your blog post 

Mar Lu
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Deciding on the right keywords can be a difficult task. I agree with other comments that Google Adwords Keyword tool is the best place to start. Remember that the best approach is to place the most important keywords or a phrase in page title, h1 heading, description meta tag, and in the top paragraph content. Here is an article on keyword density and consistency that goes over Adwords tool and provides more insights on how to best select keywords. Hope this helps.

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