How much better is NxT1 than a T1 connection?


I remember when a T1 connection was the greatest thing I'd ever seen, but time marches on, companies grow and now a T1 line is marginal for our business as far as speed and capacity goes. Our provider offers NxT1 as a relatively affordable step up for SMBs. I've never used a NxT1 connection that I know of, and was wondering if the speeds are reliable, or if it is like the DSL connection I have at home, where I get about 1/2 of the advertised speeds on download, and uploading is so slow that it is painful. Of course, in the fine print, my home ISP notes that the advertised speeds are in a perfect world, one in which I apparently do not live. Is the improvement of NxT1 advertising hype, or is it a legitimate significant step up in performance?

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Here's a brief article, with a price range mentioned.


"NxT1 connects multiple T1 lines to achieve speeds of 3 mbps to 12 mbps. That's a big boost when you compare NxT1 to a standard T1 line that delivers speeds of 1.54 mbps.

The price of a NxT1 depends on multiple factors:

How many T1 lines are you connecting?
How close is your business to an Internet Gateway
While a precise estimate depends on several variables, you might expect to pay between $1100 - $4000. "

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NxT1 is going to be a noticeable improvement over T1.  I'm sure it varies somewhat based on who your provider is, but here we have options ranging from 3Mbps to 12Mbps, which is quite a lot faster than the 1.5Mbps you can expect with a T1 line.  NxT1 is a lot less expensive than the next step up, a T3 circuit, which is usually not cost appropriate for SMBs anyway, not to mention that T3 circuits are often not even available at many locations.  NxT1 uses existing T1 lines where possible, plus you don't have the asymmetrical bandwidth concerns that you mentioned with DSL.  If you have outgrown a T1 line, I would definitely look at the NxT1 option.   

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Nowadays I would definately go with an Ethernet based solution such as Ethernet over Copper. It has the same SLA as a NxT1 but often a lot cheaper and native Ethernet. Plus it is easy to up- & downgrade bandwidth.

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