How to use DNS Optimization for faster internet?


I've heard about using DNS Optimization to speed up your internet connection, but how do you go about it? Do you just try a DNS server and maybe it will have a positive impact, but maybe it won't? I'd love to get faster download speeds for free, but I don't want to go through a blind trial and error process until I find a "good" DNS server. Which makes me sound cheap AND lazy, but whatever. Is there a better way to do it?

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This article might be useful:

Find Fastest DNS and Optimize Your Internet Speed

"Google recently started a new service called Google Public DNS to help speed up your web browsing. This is an alternative to the DNS provided by your ISP, and other public DNS services like Open DNS, that we covered previously on MakeUseOf. Which of these options best optimize your internet speed? The good news is that you can test this yourself, and don’t need to be misled by anyone’s marketing pitch."

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Try benchmarking the DNS servers with something like Domain Name Speed Benchmark. Or just try Google Public DNS.


To really see results, the easiest way is to use a program the was developed by the good people at Northwestern University called namehelp. You can download it from the University website, and there are versions available for Mac, Window, and Linux. From the website: 


"namehelp improves web performance by obtaining more accurate redirections to nearby content delivery network servers.


Basically, namehelp improves your web performance when either you or your ISP uses a remote DNS service."

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